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A Family Feel Inspired By The Love Of God

Owner and director Angie Smith ensures that your child feels welcome and loved in an environment where Christian values and individualized care abound. Your toddler finds their second home among teachers and friends who feel like family.
Lots Of Attention In A Small Group

Lots Of Attention In A Small Group

Your child’s class group stays capped at a maximum of 8 children, so their experienced, qualified teachers have the time and resources to get to know them. Your toddler thrives with personalized care and learning.

Daily Interactions Boost Your Toddler’s Vocabulary

Your toddler’s teachers chat with them, read books and Bible stories, and sing songs to boost their communication and vocabulary skills. The more language your child hears, the faster they understand, mimic and develop linguistically.
Daily Interactions Boost Your Toddler’s Vocabulary
New Discoveries Through Active & Sensory Play

New Discoveries Through Active & Sensory Play

Toddlers learn by doing, and your little one has opportunities to explore their space safely. They play with what interests them, discover colors, shapes, noises, and textures, and begin to understand cause and effect—a crucial precursor to critical thinking.

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Social-Emotional Support For Confidence & Self-Expression

Your little one has some big feelings, and they need gentle guidance to process and regulate them. Your child’s teacher works with them to learn to express their feelings and self-soothe and uses redirection to diffuse negative behavior.
Your Toddler Loves Daily Outdoor Playtime

Your Toddler Loves Daily Outdoor Playtime

Your child can’t help but get excited to go outside and explore the playground, the forest theater, and the toy kitchen. It’s a romp to them, but you know they are building essential muscle groups and boosting gross motor skills.

A Terrific Food Plan Is Included In Your Tuition

Your child’s nutrition stays on track with a healthy, delicious breakfast, lunch, and snack every day. Dedicated staff members prepare all food onsite with fresh, allergy-conscious ingredients to meet or exceed the state standards for early childhood nutrition.
A Terrific Food Plan Is Included In Your Tuition
You’re Part Of Their Day With Procare Connect®

You’re Part Of Their Day With Procare Connect®

You receive the most adorable photos and videos right to your phone with the Procare Connect® app. Teachers send you daily communication, memos, and announcements, so you always know what’s happening in your child’s room.

Strict Cleaning Measures Protect Your Toddler’s Health

Everything your child touches and everywhere they spend time gets cleaned and sanitized every day. You know they stay safe from germs in an immaculate, sparkling classroom thanks to the staff who pay great attention to detail.

All-Day Safety & Security You Trust

Strict protocols include restricted access entrances, secure fencing, and teachers certified in CPR. Your child stays safe and sound with rigorous security measures designed to protect them from drop-off to pick-up.


Monday to Friday, 6:00 AM to 5:30 PM
All your child’s lead teachers hold a Technical Childcare Credential (TCC)—a step above a standard Childcare Development Associate (CDA).
Restricted access controls ensure that no unauthorized personnel can enter the site. A fenced yard protects your child at play, and all teachers hold CPR certifications.
A dedicated staff team thoroughly cleans and sanitizes your child’s learning spaces throughout the day and in the evening.

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